RASdelta datalogger - More flexibility for mobile measurements of torsional vibrations

Rotec Datalogger

The new RASdelta data logger from Vispiron Rotec enables users to perform measurements of torsional vibrations with an RASdelta front end without a connected PC. This innovative functionality makes the system more flexible and ideal for mobile use.

Users can perform torsional vibration measurements autonomously with the RASdelta data logger without having to rely on a connected computer. All functions for commissioning, configuration and execution of the measurement are performed directly using a touch interface at the front end of the RASdelta mainframe. The measurement data is stored on an SD card and can be transferred later to a computer for evaluation. Using the Rotec USB remote control, the data logger can be started and stopped remotely. As well, the RASdelta data logger supports digital speed and analog signals.

The RASdelta data logger is suitable for mobile measurement tasks or if users only have limited space for measurements.

The RASdelta is the fourth edition of Rotec measurement technology developed for more flexible use. It contains the RASdelta mainframes, with 8 or 16 RASdelta measuring card slots, each for the measurement of speed, acoustic, analog and CAN signals.