ROTEC is there for you even in difficult times. Our team will be at your disposal in the coming weeks with our measurement technology and engineering services in the usual quality! We are also happy to support you online.

Measurement application.

You do not have the capacity for an extensive or difficult measurement application? No problem. Please contact us and we at ROTEC ENGINEERING will take care of everything else. Our employees are also currently in compliance with the relevant infection control precautions for you. For assembly work our modern facilities are available, necessary constructions and adaptations we manufacture in our own fully equipped machining area. From the sensor or strain gauge application to the cabling and calibration of the measurement chain, we are also happy to carry out or supervise the entire measurement at your site, if currently possible. Likewise we support also with the evaluation including report production according to your defaults.

Online consulting for special tasks.

Our engineering team is happy to advise you online, by phone or via video conferencing tools such as WebEx, MS Teams or Zoom for measurement tasks where know-how and intuition are required and sometimes very difficult solutions have to be found. Thanks to the versatile experience of our engineers in the test field and the specialized knowledge of our hardware and software developers, we can get to the bottom of any highly dynamic behavior of your test setup. Do you perhaps have inexplicable phenomena in a measurement? Our team at ROTEC ENGINEERING is prepared.

Stefan Wehmeyer
Phone: +49 151 276 576 79

Repair and calibration services in our workshop.

Your ROTEC measurement equipment needs to be repaired? Please feel free to send us the faulty measurement equipment and we will repair it on our premises in Munich. Our calibration team is also available to assist you with the usual services. This means that the annual calibration of your systems can be scheduled for times when your workload is lower, saving you time and money.

Measurement technology in usual quality.

At the moment we do not expect any delivery problems with our measurement technology, the stock is filled. Please feel free to contact us!

Kevin Rohwedder
Phone: +49 89 323651-15