Need a measurement computer or a transport case? Want a bag or a bumper for the ROTEC system? Our accessories range also includes additional cables. Here is a brief overview:

Measurement computer

The Panasonic-branded ROTEC measurement computer, transmits, evaluates, animates and simulates data from the torsional vibration analysis.

SensorTester Rotec


Sensor tester helps to optimize the instrumentation of a test setup and to detect faulty sensors or adapter electronics.

CAN cable

The CAN cable connects the CAN control units in the car to our measuring device.

OBDC cable
OBDC cable

OBD2 cabLE

The OBD 2 cable connects the RASdelta to the OBD 2 diagnostic interface.


The bag is ideal for the short-haul transportation or storing of the ROTEC measuring system.

Rotec Bumper
Rotec case


This robust transport case is ideal for transportation by train or plane.


The bumper serves as a protective cover for the RASdelta 8 and 16. For use in vehicles, for example.

Bumper for RAS Delta