Measurement and Analysis Platform

The modular analysis platform provides you with a flexible and powerful tool for data acquisition, analysis, display and output.

Live Evaluation
of Measuring data

  • Signal curves and spectra incl. torsional angle
  • Continuous monitoring of limits
  • Digital alarm output on the frontend

modular system

  • Predefined evaluation modules
  • Various combination possibilities of the modules, also for combined evaluation of several measurements
  • Powerful graphical representation of 3D and 2D curves, as well as vector plots

Fast way from
Measurement to Display

  • Use of modular system with predefined graphic modules
  • E.g. create and view 3D spectrum with only one evaluation mode
  • Interactive graphics (zoom, rotate, cursors, slice diagrams)

High resolution
speed measurements

  • 12 GHz counter on the speed measurement board provides highest time and angular resolution
  • Precise measurement of the tiniest speed variations and vibration angles even at high rotational speeds
  • Angular displacement and transmission error of gears with sub-micrometer resolution

3D-Order Analyses

  • 3D spectograms (overview, series of spectra)
  • 2D single orders, average value and summation
  • Vector plots and inverse Fourier transform

Dynamic Angular Displacement

  • Angular displacement, shift/twist, torsion
  • In time domain and spectral domain
  • Static and dynamic components

Vibration Angle

  • From measured speed fluctuations
  • In time domain and spectral domain
  • Segmentation into working cycles

Gear Analyses

  • Single flank test (characteristic values according to DIN 3960 and DIN 3971)
  • Order spectra, structure-borne noise analysis multi-stage gears
  • Gear tooth quality according to DIN 3963


  • Using motion data from the evaluation
  • Easy to construct wireframe models
  • Rotatory and translatory quantities

Valve Train

  • Valve lift, velocity and acceleration
  • Lift loss and seating velocity
  • Valve overlap area, lift area