ROTEC electronics guarantee reliable and accurate amplification and processing of all signals and measured variables. The sensor signals are converted into a TTL signal as an input into the speed board.

Differential sensor adapter

You can use the high-performance sensor electronics in combination with the speed sensors and the speed board for high-precision speed measurement on gear wheels.

rotec adaption electronic

Rotary Encoder Adapter

The high-performance Rotary encoder adapter can provide information on the angular positions and, if required, direction information. The electronics also offer the option of recording both TTL and 1Vpp (SIN/COS) signals.

Rotational direction adapter

The Rotational direction adapter is used in combination with the ROTEC 4-fold sensor to detect the direction of rotation of a gearwheel. Complex measurements such as start/stop attempts are thus made possible.

rotational direction adapter
Phase Shifter

Phase Shifter

The phase shifter electronics allows users to shift the reference pulse of a rotary encoder by any number of lines within one revolution and thus place it at the desired angular position. In this way, the reference angle can be set, for example, during valve train tests without having to loosen and twist the encoder. Depending on the valve to be measured, the required phase shift is simply set on the Phase Shifter.

Laser tachometer

The laser tachometer reads the optical pattern from a disc’s position at any time or from a dashed band by using the reflex method and makes it available as a TTL pulse train. The tachometer also outputs a speed-proportional frequency, similar to the scanning of a gear wheel with a magnetic sensor. To facilitate the positioning of the sensor head, the wavelength is in the visible range so that the position of the measuring spot appears as a red dot. To process different reflection factors, the electronics are equipped with a signal processor which continuously monitors the received light.

Laser Tachometer
Inline Elektronic

Inline TTL digitizer

You can use the compact Inline TTL digitizer as a measuring amplifier in combination with the speed sensors and the speed measurement card . It is equivalent to the sensor electronics, but its weight and functional range are optimized for mobile measurements.


The Inline DGDAP TTL / HTL is a mobile version of our incremental encoder adapter. Its compact design makes it particularly suitable for use in vehicles or on motorcycles. A TTL option and a HTL option are available. Pulses can be measured in forward and reverse direction. The pulse following the reference mark (once per revolution) is always available. The Inline Encoder Adapter (DGADP) is also protected against reverse polarity.

Rotec Elektronic Inline DGADP