Product overview

Our focus is on the precise and time synchronous measurement and analysis of speed, analog (e.g. temperature, acceleration, structure-borne noise, pressure), digital and CAN signals on the individual components. We offer you precise, high-resolution and application-oriented measurement techniques, evaluations and simulations. And support you in the product development phase and in quality management with market-leading technology!


The sensors, developed to the highest quality standards, enable you to carry out precise torsional vibration measurements.
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Electronic units

The sensor electronics guarantee reliable and accurate amplification and processing of all signals and measured variables.
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Measure­ment boards &

The RASdelta is the core of the measurement chain, which connects the sensors with the evaluation software. With the RASdelta measurement boards you record measurement data of speed, temperature, acceleration, speed and sound.

Analysis software

With the measurement and evaluation software, you do not only control the connection of the technical devices, you also access all measurement data in real time and can immediately use them for all analyses.
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Whether transport case or bag, additional cables or measuring computer,here we give you a brief overview of what we offer you as accessories.
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