The robust RASdelta mainframe is available with 8 and 16 measurement board slots.

RASdelta measurement boards can be exchanged, depending on the application. Due to its compact format and low weight, the hardware is suitable for mobile use and easy transport. The mainframe is resilient and temperature insensitive, due to the integrated fan. Existing sensors and electronics of the ROTEC RAS FireWire series are compatible with the RASdelta series. The integrated touch panel display enables you to operate the system as a data logger without a measuring laptop.

RAsdelta mainframe 8

Get to know our small version of the RASdelta mainframe!

The RASdelta 8 is the smallest measuring system of the RASdelta series. You can equip the front end with one master board and up to seven measurement boards.

measurement technology rasdelta 8
measurement technology rasdelta 16

RAsdelta mainframe 16

Get to know our big version of the RASdelta mainframe!

The RASdelta 16 front end has 16 slots for trigger and measurement boards. You can equip the front end with one master board and up to 15 measurement boards.

RAsdelta cluster

You can modularly expand the number of channels by coupling the RASdelta front-ends to each other via the Ethernet and Sync interfaces. One of the front ends acts as master card and synchronizes the other devices in the cluster. The ROTEC software recognizes the RASdelta cluster as an extended front end with additional slots.

measurement technology cluster
Rotec Datalogger

RASdelta data logger

With the additional data logger module, you can convert your RASdelta 08 or 16 front-end to a data logger for mobile use such as in motor vehicles, on motorcycles, in racings or for applications at sea. The RASdelta runs in data logger mode without a measuring laptop, whereby all functions for operating the system can be executed directly at the RASdelta front end. Touch operations on the display enables measurements to be configured and carried out. All configuration and measurement data are stored on a micro SD card with USB adapter and can later be transferred to a PC for evaluation.