Differential sensor for acquisition of speeds and direction of rotation

The differential magneto-resistive (MR) sensor developed by ROTEC is used to acquire the rotational speeds of ferromagnetic gears. In addition, the direction of rotation can also be detected. The sensor has a two-part design, which allows the sensor alignment and the face sensor distance to the encoder wheel to be adjusted independently of each other.

Technical drawing


  • The preferred direction is adjustable after the sensor is mounted
  • Suitable for the standard temperature range
  • Insensitive to external influences such as oil and dirt
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Technical data

Sensor head

  • two-part, for separate adjustment of sensor distance and preferred direction

Sensor surface

  • face side

Sensor length  

  • with 30 mm thread length: 80 mm sensor length
  • with 60 mm thread length: 110 mm sensor length
  • with 90 mm thread length: 140 mm sensor length

Sensor type

  • passive, requires downstream ROTEC Rotary Encoder Adapter or Inline-Electronic (for mobile applications)

Sensor housing

  • stainless steel
  • external thread M10x1
  • standard thread length: 30/60/90 mm


  • integrated cable (1 m)
  • extension cable (2m) available separately

Maximum gearwheel frequency            

  • 20 kHz with downstream ROTEC Rotary Encoder Adapter or Inline-Electronic (for mobile applications)

Requirements gearing

  • ferromagnetic, soft magnetic
  • module 0,6 bis 2,4
  • pitch 1,9 mm bis 7,7 mm

Sensing gap

  • 0,5-2x module [mm]

Temperature range               

  • -15 °C bis +100 °C