The sensors developed by ROTEC are manufactured to high quality standards. They cover wide temperature ranges and are insensitive to external influences such as oil and dirt. As they are also available in different variants, the sensors are suitable for many areas of application. On request, we also develop individual sensor solutions, such as miniaturized special sensors or sensors for special edge/installation conditions.

Differential sensors

The magneto-resistive (MR) differential sensors from ROTEC are used to detect rotational speeds on ferromagnetic gears and are available in various designs. The two-part design of sensor TYP A allows the sensor alignment and the frontal sensor distance to the encoder wheel to be adjusted independently of each other. It is optionally available with direction recognition. Sensor TYP B is particularly suitable for measurements in confined spaces due to its short sensor length. For measurements in places that are difficult to access, sensor TYP C with its 90° angled sensor surface is the ideal choice. The differential sensors cover a wide temperature range and are insensitive to external influences such as oil and dirt. Sensor TYP B is also available for the high temperature range.

Optical laser sensor

The optical laser sensor is used to detect rotational speeds using the reflex method. Depending on the application, a ROTEC zebra disk or zebra band is scanned. The target can be scanned from the front or via a deflecting mirror at a 90° angle.

Magneto-resistive sensor for valve lift measurement

The magneto-resistive (GMR) sensor for valve lift measurement from Sensitec is designed for use on ferromagnetic tooth structures. A strong magnet provides the necessary magnetic field. The sensor elements are encapsulated in a very small housing. The compact integration supports an optimal matching between sensor and magnet, which allows a very high signal quality.

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